Simple methods to store your pretty jewelry in the house

Just like the majority of jewelry collectors, you may furthermore catch yourself wondering exactly how to avoid your necklaces from tangling or even keep the smaller sized pieces secure. Thankfully, you'll be able to locate a wide variety out there however just before purchasing one, you should understand some simple facts on the appropriate storage of certain types of jewelry.

Necklace Storage


You won't ever want to sloppily place your necklaces together mainly because they tangle easily. Below such circumstances it becomes tough to separate them without causing virtually any damage to the chains. The right and the most suitable approach to store your necklaces are to put them in various shelves or partitions of a jewelry box or even to suspend them individually in a storage box. If you decide to hang your necklaces, including your own cameo necklace, hang merely the plastic or wooden ones. Those that are usually made of metal ought to be kept in a closed box to preserve their quality.

A straightforward however efficient method of hanging necklaces is through the use of a wardrobe hanger. A much more elegant solution might be to obtain necklace trees where it is possible to put them upon your dresser along with hang your necklaces on that. Closed jewelry boxes also are available in different kinds. You'll be able to buy a plastic storage box, in the event that you need to view the contents of the box before opening it. Wood is in addition a good substitute to plastic storage box, which additionally has a far better visual appeal.


Because of their size earrings can end up getting lost very easily. Furthermore, earrings are very delicate and hence you must take extreme care while storing them and prevent them from breaking or losing. You can possibly store your earrings in smaller jewelry boxes or perhaps hang them on earring trees which tend to be particularly ingeniously designed to safely keep your earrings.

You should not hang stud earrings since they must often be dropped straight down. Hence they're much better kept within their original pouches or supply a box for the far more costly ones, unless you still possess the boxes that came along with them.


Due to their size rings can easily go missing, however are additionally uncomplicated to store. Try not to hang rings because that will increase the possibility of them becoming lost. You can store them within small jewelry boxes or it is possible to use the box they came in and place that box in your large jewelry box.

A good option to continue to keep almost all of jewelries safe within one place is actually by working with a black jewelry armoire. These kinds of storage box come along with quite a few mini drawers where you can place in your rings and earrings, but they also feature side doors and hooks where you'll be able to hang necklaces; other kinds additionally have a built-in mirror.

Secure Storage

In the event that you possess heirloom jewelry or perhaps fine jewelry pieces and do not have a safe and sound vault to keep them, then it becomes very essential to buy a very good lock box to store them. You'll be able to even purchase a fire resistant box to keep your jewelry to prevent your jewelry from destroying just in case of fire or you'll be able to just opt for a box which can end up being locked so that you'll be able to just pick that single piece and walk away in time of uncertainties or perhaps emergencies.

Just unleash your imagination as well as store your jewelry in an organized way so that you can find them whenever you're in a big hurry and have absolutely no time for elaborate dressing.

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